Tuesday, February 16, 2016

2nd Annual Kerry's Ride Home: Recap

The second annual Kerry’s Ride Home took place on January 30th. Typically, this event is a two-day event, with overnight camping halfway through the ride. However, El Nino had other plans in mind. With promised rain and heavy winds for Sunday, we decided to change our agenda ahead of time. With a day full of sunshine on Saturday, we were able to have a fit in many awesome miles.

We gathered at 9 a.m. at the San Juan Capistrano train station. Many of us took the early Amtrak with our bicycles on board.

We started off with introductions. We met Kerry’s family and friends, who supported the entire ride with the van full of snacks and supplies. After quickly reviewing the agenda and going over some important safety information, we set off!

Just a couple streets over leaving the train station, we were able to hop on the river trail just for pedestrians and cyclists. It was a leisurely pace, enjoying the early morning. After about 9 miles, we hit our first stop – for coffee of course!

We loaded up on caffeine and pastries and had a makeshift picnic in the parking lot next to our bikes.

We departed our San Clemente pit stop and kept meandering down the 101, usually treated with gorgeous views of the Pacific.

We all checked in together before entering Camp Pendleton to make sure we had everyone accounted for – and everyone had their ID’s on them.

We enjoyed the quieter roads of Camp Pendleton! After exiting on the sound end, we rounded the troops to make our executive decision. Carlsbad Pizza Port to Solana Beach Pizza Port? Very tough decisions to make, I know. We were hungry enough to go for the closer one!

With one leg to go to the finish, we eagerly zoomed down the last Oceanside bit with pizza and beer in our minds.

One by one, the participants rolled up to happily finish the awesome ride. Some first-timers were particulary ecstatic – it was their longest ride to date! We were so proud to be with them for that moment.

We ordered the goods and sat all together and we all made a few remarks. At this point, people were dispering to their individual plans. Some people decided to brave the weather and camp anyway. Some people were biking to the next Pizza Port and then take the train. We all decided Kerry would be proud of our impromptu Tour-de-Pizza Port!

Kerry Kunsman was an amazing man who wanted to explore the world by bike, and we are right there, rolling in his wheel path. Thank you to his wonderful family for van support. Happy riding! Kerry, this one is for you.