Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Featured SDCBC Bicycle Ambassador - Joe Garcia

What Neighborhood do You live in? - I just moved to North Park
What is the Make, Model, Color or your Favorite Bike - My favorite bike is a Metallic Green Mercian (1978 frame) that is my touring/commuting bike - I own 5 bikes one is a tandem
Where did you get it from? - I bought the Mercian at Bikecology in Santa Monica back in the day and built it up from existing components then bought new ones along the way and as stuff wore out.
Why do you ride? – I ride for a variety of reasons: for recreation, I have toured and plan to again, I commute and now that I live in the city I run errands.
What is a typical Bike ride for you? - back and forth to work or on the weekends moderate ride.
While riding you......I like to listen to music world, jazz, rock and I do like talk to whoever will ever talk back
How can your city improve bike infrastructure or make your city more bike friendly? – more bike parking, fix the roads, some dedicated roadways and road closures when possible (Cicliovia style events on weekends).
Any tips or comments for other riders? - As Grant Petersen says "Just Ride" and ride all the time, I spent a little time in Portland and was amazed at the cyclists up there, they ride all the time in the worst of weather.
Shameless Plug? I work for the San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency

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