Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Andy Hanshaw Referees Electra's Slowest Bicycle Race

Our Executive Director Andy Hanshaw had the honors of helping local bicycle manufacturer Electra Bicycle Company celebrate the grand opening of its new global headquarters in Vista, Calif. He attended the ribbon cutting ceremony with Electra's CEO Skip Hess, a local council member and representatives for the local chamber of commerce.

In addition to reminding its staff and board members about the role they play in bicycle advocacy and empowering local bicycle trips to boost San Diego's economy, Andy got to referee the Slowest Bicycle Race. Electra made a video recap, and we invite you to watch the insider's take on how our local company approaches bicycling--spoiler alert: they like to have a ton of fun.

Recognized as the bicycling industry’s top-selling brand in the lifestyle and leisure category, Electra’s different approach to bicycling powered it into the nation’s 6th-largest bicycle company since it began in San Diego 19 years ago. Electra’s brand captures the joy of everyday riding, bringing style, creativity and detail to its six bicycle collections including Verse®, Ticino®, Townie®, Amsterdam®, Cruiser and Kids’ bicycles as well as its growing line of Life and Accessories products.

The company relocated to a larger office space and enhanced distribution center to accommodate its growing staff, expanding product lines and increased demand for its bicycles. In addition to the global headquarters, Electra services US sales through two other American distribution centers and has a European office, which helps support sales in 25 additional countries.

The company is also making its name as the bicycle of choice for bike-sharing programs including the largest Bicycle Friendly Business District in San Diego, the first bike-sharing program in Las Vegas, and as amenities at high-end hotels.<


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  1. He attended the ribbon cutting ceremony with Electra's CEO Skip Hess ...