Friday, March 15, 2013

City of Coronado Public Meeting to Discuss Bayshore Bikeway Improvements

The City of Coronado recently held a public meeting to discuss changes to the intersection of the Bayshore Bikeway with the entrance to the to the Coronado Cays development, and the Coalition was there to make sure cyclists needs were addressed.

The meeting kicked off with a presentation on the intersection. The project consultants gave some background on the large number of bikes and pedestrians crossing the entrances only a daily basis and a few accidents that have occurred. Attendees were then invited to place sticky notes of Ariel shots of the project noting problems or potential solutions.

The meeting was dominated by Cays homeowners, and many had stories of near misses with cyclists. While some homeowners wanted to force cyclists to stop and dismount before crossing the road, most realized that the main problem was visibility. With high walls leading up to the entrance from both sides and a guard booth right in the middle of the car drivers, they have trouble seeing cyclists coming from either direction along the Bayshore Bikeway.  The Coalition supports making improvements to the intersection while maintaining the flow of bicycles and pedestrians in one of the region’s busiest active transportation corridors.
Click here to view the intersection.

Many homeowners ride the Bayshore Bikeway themselves and saw that improvements could make for a safer ride and help beautify the entrance with new landscaping.  At the next meeting, scheduled for April 2nd, the project consultants will present some potential design options based on the feedback received.

If you ride the Bayshore Bikeway and would like to share your experience, you can email project engineer Darlene Danehy at

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