Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Freedom at 14!

By Nicole Burgess, SDCBC Member and Bicycling Advocate

For most 14 year olds, having fun with friends is a priority. This April Fools girl spent her birthday this year traveling the streets with friends, enjoying smiles and laughs, and having fun. 

She really wanted a sleepover, but to receive the okay, the girls attending would have to be willing to escort several of the girls to their gymnastics class in Liberty Station - by bike, at night.
Equipping 10 kids with bikes, lights, and helmets - we were off.  What is not shown in this picture are her brother and friend on a tricycle.  Comical describes it best.

We were a parade down Voltaire, through Loma Portal for a roller coaster of a ride, and then crossing one of the busy intersections on Rosecrans.  It is only a few miles, but is one of the more difficult short commutes to do by bike.  If it was easier, possibly many of the High Tech High students would ride as well as the thousands of students that have after school activities in the area.  

We are hopeful that improvements to Nimitz will provide a safe facility for all these riders wanting to travel the short distance by bike.

As you will see in the second picture, the girls were ready to hit the beach the next day.  Being 14 is great!  Learning to enjoy freedom on a bike is amazing!!

I hope drivers will keep an eye out for all the new young riders in Ocean Beach and Point Loma.  Soon, two years from now, these young riders could find themselves behind the wheel so it is important for them to start learning the rules of the road.  Studies have shown that experienced bike riders will become better car drivers.

Thank you to all the girls and boys that enjoy the daily commutes by bike in the Peninsula area.  I hope many of you will experience the great feelings from riding a bike and take pride in being an active commuter - it really does matter.

Best quote of the night by one of the girls:  "Wow, I never thought biking could be so much fun!"  

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