Friday, December 6, 2013

Monday: San Diego City Council to Hear $312 Million Bicycle Master Plan Update

San Diego County Bicycle Coalition supports City’s long-term bicycling vision  

San Diego is looking into its bicycling crystal ball – what will the future hold for our growing two-wheeled community? On Monday, City Council will vote to approve or deny the Bicycle Master Plan Update, a citywide policy document to guide the development and maintenance of San Diego’s bicycle network over the next 20 years.

With support from the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition, the new plan includes an assessment of the existing infrastructure in San Diego and recommends increased bicycle parking, improved bicycle signage, bicycle safety courses and approximately 878 miles of proposed bike lanes and bike routes throughout San Diego County.

Approval of this plan ensures San Diego will see twenty years of bicycle advancements and that bicycle commuting is a trend that is not going away but growing. The projected improvements to the current bicycle infrastructure will ensure that cyclists have better access to local businesses, transit centers, shopping districts, parks, and other local amenities to make San Diego a bicycle-friendly destination for locals and tourists alike.

San Diego City Council chambers: 202 C Street, San Diego, 92101

·    San Diego City Councilmembers
·    San Diego County Bicycle Coalition
·    All people who ride bicycles in San Diego

WHEN: Monday, December 9

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  1. Let's get this long languishing bike plan adopted so we can move on to more improvements, qualify for State and Federal Grants, get closer to being chosen as a Bicycle Friendly City. Yes, there is lots more to be done so let's get this one in place and move on - by bicycle. ;-)