Monday, March 10, 2014

CicloSDias San Diego in the Springtime

San Diego is beautiful in the Springtime and with Spring arriving quickly, let’s celebrate my favorite season with a free open-street event, CicloSDias San Diego, on Sunday March 30th! CicloSDias welcomes everyone in San Diego to walk, ride, stroll and enjoy our streets.  Approximately 2.5 miles of city streets in Pacific Beach will be opened to families, pedestrians, cyclists, joggers, skateboarders, and anyone else interested in using this public space in a new way. This is our second year of the creating a car-free neighborhood day, and we are proud to join other cities around the United States and the World.
CicloSDias shares a common message with all residents- we want a clean, healthy, and vibrant San Diego.

Ride your bike, walk, meet your fellow San Diegians and if you can, please help us keep this great event happening by volunteering, donating, or fundraising.

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