Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bike to Work 2014

The long awaited Bike to Work Day 2014 took place on the morning of Friday, May 30th in neighborhoods across San Diego County. From Chula Vista to Oceanside, bright-eyed commuters were greeted by enthusiastic volunteers, and given encouragement in the form of refreshments, free t- shirts, and high fives all around.

At the downtown pit stop at Harbor Dr. and Grape St., riders had a chance to check out the new waterfront county park and enjoy some coffee and donuts, as well as pick up the coveted Bike to Work t-shirt. Volunteers saw a wide range of participants from an 84-year -old retiree who rides 10 miles a day, to a local mom dropping her two kids off at school.
In total, about  9,000 people  biked to work, surpassing last year’s record turnout of 8400 people. Each year, as our numbers increase, so does our influence in shaping the community. As San Diego becomes a safer place for cyclists, more people will make the decision to bike commute, saving the planet, getting in shape, and having fun, all in a days work.

Bike to Work 2014 was a huge hit, thanks to everyone who was involved. Dedicated volunteers, local organizations, and businesses all teamed up to give San Diegans an excellent reason to ride to work. Let's not wait until next year to get out there and move!

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