Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bike Coalition Executive Director Appointed to City's First-Ever Bicycle Advisory Committee

Andy Hanshaw appointed to guide city bicycle initiatives until mid-2016

Today, San Diego City Council appointed Andy Hanshaw to the City’s first-ever Bicycle Advisory Committee with a term ending July 1, 2016. Recommendations from Mayor Faulconer included Hanshaw, executive director of the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition and Point Loma resident, and Kyle Heiskala of Hillcrest. 

Hanshaw and Heiskala joined six additional bicycle advocates and residents from around the city to serve on the advisory board, including Coalition Board Member and Advocate of the Year, Randy Van Vleck. Others appointed include: 
  • Kathleen Keehan (Rancho Bernardo)
  • Michael Brennan (Hillcrest)
  • Nicole Burgess (Point Loma)
  • Petr Krysl (University City)
  • Samantha Ollinger (City Heights)
In March, San Diego City Council unanimously approved its first-ever Bicycle Advisory Committee to provide guidance to the City on local bicycle projects to make a safer, more accessible and bike-able city, including the implementation of the Bicycle Master Plan Update.

“The City has a lot of great bicycling initiatives coming to fruition and copious opportunities to become one of the most bike-friendly cities in the nation,” says Hanshaw. “I look forward to working with the committee members and elevating San Diego to be a premiere city for bicycling.”

The San Diego County Bicycle Coalition, an organization protecting and advocating for the rights of all people who ride bicycles, celebrates that the City of San Diego joins numerous cities in the county that have formally and informally sanctioned bicycle advisory committees.

For more information on Hanshaw and the Bike Coalition, please visit www.sdcbc.org


San Diego County Bicycle Coalition (SDCBC) is a nonprofit organization that advocates for and protects the rights of all people who ride bicycles. They promote bicycling as a mainstream, safe and enjoyable form of transportation and recreation. For more information, go to www.sdcbc.org.  

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  1. Thanks to the new committee members for offering to serve us all.