Tuesday, October 21, 2014

CicloSDias - How to Boost your Business!!!

Here are some great ideas to make the most out of your business for CicloSDias 11/09/14
Create a temporary Parklet in front of your business
Put a temporary display or “bike friendly” sale rack on the public right of way outside your door
Create special “grab and go” items for just that day
Move part of your business outdoors for the day
Pass out coupons or information about your business to encourage passersby to return
Use your imagination!
Questions about how your business can get involved in CicloSDias - info@sdbikecoalition.org

What is a Parklet?
A parklet is a small space serving as an extension of the sidewalk to provide amenities and green space for people to use the street. It is typically the size of several parking spaces. It’s a great way to increase your presence and attract new customers.

CicloSDias is a FREE open street event hosted by the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition designed to connect neighborhoods and encourage mobility. Sections of the street in Hillcrest and Bankers Hills will be closed to car traffic. Everyone is welcome to walk, ride, stroll, explore and enjoy the day of car free streets in support of a healthy and vibrant San Diego.

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