Monday, February 9, 2015

San Ysidro Bike Rodeo and Community Ride

San Ysidro Bicycle Rodeo and Community Bike Ride on February 7th, 2015. It was a spectacular turnout and special thanks to Girl Scout Troop 5912 and their amazing leader Irene Barajas! Also thanks to the San Ysdiro Police Department! We cannot say enough great things about Irene and her troop- check out some of their accomplishments through a google search. We loved partnering with them!
A Bicycle Rodeo is a bicycle skills event, taught on a school playground or parking lot, which provides an opportunity for kids and teens to practice and develop skills that will help them become better bicyclist and avoid typical crashes. Its objective is to teach children and teens the importance of seeing, being seen and remain under control at all times when riding a bicycle. This is achieved through a series of bicycle handling drills and simulation of traffic situations. Bicycle skills stations give students the opportunity to practice a variety of specific bike handling skills and procedures for operating a bike legally and more safely on the street.

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