Friday, October 16, 2015

Member Spotlight: Fred Beasley

Meet Fred Beasley! 
Area of San Diego You Reside: UTC

1. We hear you like biking to breweries! Tell us more.
San Diego County has 115 operational brewhouses and I love beer!  I moved to UTC four years ago when the scene was starting to get really big in nearby Miramar, and I thought it was just awesome that I could check out industry icons like Alesmith and Green Flash right at the source and just a few minutes ride away.  Now I'm trying to add all the county's breweries to my visited list, but they open so fast I'm always about 10 shy!  Checking out a new location for a flight is a perfect excuse to take a 10 or 20 or 50 mile ride.  I've biked as far as Oceanside, Poway, and Barrio Logan for a taste!  I'm also a huge fan of events like Bikes and Beers and the Tour de Fat, I just love how this city celebrates my passions the way I do. 

2. Mountain or road?
I never ride anything other than a mountain bike even though these days about 99% of the riding I do is on roads.  I like the freedom it gives me to take spontaneous short cuts or scenic detours off the asphalt (I love the Sewer Trail bypass of Torrey Pines!), and I definitely appreciate the extra defensive maneuverability I get in hairy traffic situations.  Plus, all that extra weight turns my daily commute into a nice little workout...

3. What is your favorite or most useful bicycle accessory?

Haha, I'm a brutally minimalistic kind of personality and I'm notorious for rejecting accessories!  But I will admit, I've been using a gel saddle seat cover for about ten years now and I don't think I'll ever be able to get my pampered butt off it again.

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