Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Meet FloraVelo!

We’re FloraVelo, a growing family business in San Diego designing great new cyclewear for women.  

Trish and Pam of FloraVelo at a triathlon expo
in Palm Springs
We started our company a few years ago after taking up cycling and being totally frustrated by the lack of cute, comfortable cycle clothing options in the market.  It seemed like most women’s jerseys fit like poorly re-sized men’s jerseys; uncomfortable and unflattering.  We thought it was time for a change; time to make room for a new type of cyclewear - designed by women, for women.  We wanted to create fun, comfortable, functional cyclewear for everyone – from cycling beginners to casual riders to advanced, seasoned veterans.

Once we got started, we spent almost a year creating our jersey design.  

"We spent time finding just the right performance fabrics, working with graphic artists to develop the fun, unique prints, and designing the pattern to achieve a great fit for almost any figure."  

Finally we road tested, made some adjustments, and began production – all here in the US.  We’ve been selling our jerseys online ( and at cycling events for about 2 years now, and we’ve been amazed at the wonderful response we’ve received.  Our jerseys are also available in a few retail locations, including CycleQuest here in San Diego.  In addition, we recently began offering custom jerseys for cycling tours and riding groups.

        FloraVelo jerseys have several unique features, but the most popular is our combination cell phone pocket and  “hidden” key/ID pocket.  Those two pockets, along with our two large back pockets, allow you to take just about everything with you when you ride.  And our jerseys are not just for riding…  you’ll also see them out running, hiking, kayaking, playing tennis, traveling – this is not your typical cycling jersey!

We got involved with the Bicycle Coalition in our first year in business – and we love working with them.  We’re so proud to help sponsor such a great group of committed cyclists working for such important changes! 

Head over to FloraVelo's website to see the latest and greatest from this awesome, local company! 

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