Monday, June 19, 2017

Guest Blog Post: Top Safety Practices to Avoid Cycling Accidents

Guest Post by Christina Scott, Community Liaison & Blog Manager, Dunkley Injury Law Attorneys

Cycling is incredibly beneficial for your health and a pretty fast method of traveling short distances. It is also an eco-friendly way to travel, as it does not pollute the environment. Therefore, it is a good idea to cycle for short distances to work, to the stores, or for some outdoor adventure.

It is unfortunate that there have recently been several accidents involving bicycles. A lot of them usually end in fatalities, especially where a vehicle is involved. However, most of these accidents can be prevented. Below are some easy safety practices to avoid cycling accidents. Follow these tips, and you won’t have to look for a personal injury lawyer.

Cycling Safety Tips

1.    Follow Traffic Laws

Everyone is subjected to similar traffic laws whether riding, driving, or walking. You must obey all the laws while cycling. Start with the basics such as stopping at the red lights and following all other road signs. You should also ride in the right lane depending on the regulations of your state. Moreover, avoid using pedestrian walkways as you may end up hitting the pedestrians. If you have to ride on the pedestrian lanes, ride slowly, and ring a bell to get the pedestrians out of the way.

2.    Make Use of a Helmet

You should always have a safety helmet on whenever you are cycling. It protects your head from fatal head injuries. When choosing your helmet, make sure it fits you well. Fasten the helmet properly on the head and ensure that it does not choke you while riding your bike.

3.    Use Reflectors and Rear Lights

Reflectors and rear lights warn other road users that you are also on the road especially at night. It is not advisable to ride your bike on a busy road at night. If you have to, ensure that you wear a reflective jacket for enhanced safety. Moreover, carry a torch just in case your lights fail to work or have to stop by the side of the road. Nevertheless, riding on the side of the lane (the slower side) at night to avoid being hit by a driver that may not be careful or is driving while intoxicated.

4.    Avoid Listening to Music

Many youths find it fun to ride when listening to blasting music with earphones plugged in. When you go out for a bicycle ride, ensure that you are entirely focused on the road to avoid accidents. Listening to music will prevent you from attending to events around you. You should hear a car hooting from your behind or see a dog cross the road and anything else that matters to you on the road

5.    Ride at the right speed

Riding at very high speed gives you the thrill. However, it is for a good reason that the riding competitions are done on designated roads. If you are riding on a busy road, limit your speed to avoid bumping into other people. It is also great practice to check if your brakes are good and that the tires have the right pressure. A combination of proper tire pressure and working breaks may save you in times of accidents.

Your safety on the road depends on your preparedness, concentration, and obedience to the traffic laws. Moreover, being courteous to other road users also prevents several fatalities.

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