Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bike to the Polls

Christina, Me and Patty at the Registrar of Voters.
They were very good sports to put up with me!
So I heard that you can actually vote on the Saturday before election day if you go to the County Registrar of Voters in Kearny Mesa. Since I have crazy work hours on Tuesday, and I needed a bike ride this week I figured I’d give it a try. Turns out you can!

I don’t like to vote by mail. I want to wait till the very end, then actually go to the voting booth and cast my vote and get my cool “I Voted” sticker. I’m probably the only one who misses those machines that made the kachunk” noise when it poked a hole in your ballot to make your selection (thanks, “hanging chads” for ruining that for me…). Usually I ride my bike to my neighborhood polling place in the morning to vote.
For me, riding my bike to the polls is an act of patriotism. What could exemplify the independent spirit of the US more than participating in our most civic act under my own power? No foreign oil, no polluting our spacious skies. This year was more of a chore since it would be about a 40 mile round trip, but it was a gorgeous day for a ride. So how could I resist?
When I got to the registrar, the sheriff deputies were kind enough to watch my bike for me when I went in to vote. The poll workers couldn’t have been nicer, and I got delighted smiles when they realized I rode my bike there. There were quite a few people besides me there to vote, and the folks in the office were pleasant and efficient when they walk us through the process. We should really thank all the hardworking people who will carry out this ritual of democracy – they work long hours and I’ve never seen any of them be anything other than happy to see so many people participating in the election. Big thanks to all of you for helping all of us get to vote!
(Not registered to vote?  Register right now so you don’t miss out on the November election!) 
The ride back home was great, warmed by the knowledge I had done my civic duty. Don’t miss out on that feeling. Ride your bike to the polls on Tuesday. We’d love to hear your story or see your pictures of riding to vote – share with us here or on our Facebook page. Happy Election Day!


  1. I rode my bike to the polling station last fall. It's not even that far - a mile at most from my house. Everyone there thought I was nuts.

  2. When I first voted I used the old punch cards and enjoyed the "kachunk" I will drop of my ballot at my local polling place, but I will note that Ruffian Road, where they registrar is located, now has bike lanes on it for almost its total length!