Friday, June 8, 2012

Latest Developments on Recent Bicycle Fatalities and SDCBC Response

San Diego County Bicycle Coalition Responds to NBC 7 News Report Regarding
Recent Bicycle Fatalities

The San Diego County Bicycle Coalition (SDCBC), the regions bicycle advocacy
and education organization has learned of the latest developments in cases
involving bicyclists David Ortiz and Charles Gilbreth, who were tragically
killed while legally riding to work.

According to the story, investigators from the San Diego Police Department
asked prosecutors to file misdemeanor negligence charges against a driver
who struck cyclist Charles Raymond Gilbreth in April on Montezuma Road.

Police said there is conflicting evidence in the March 22 death of another
cyclist, David Ortiz, on Balboa Avenue.

Link to complete story:

Source: Conflicting Evidence in Fatal Bike Crash: Police | NBC San Diego

Statement from the SDCBC

Sadly we are reminded by these tragic deaths that bicycling in San Diego too
often involves dealing with risky situations; situations of illegal and/or
inattentive behaviors, and situations where roadway designs are hostile to
people who choose to or must sometimes walk or use bicycles.

SDCBC provides information and training courses for people who make a
bicycling choice. We help people to ride lawfully, to choose routes and
places to ride that fit their skill level, to learn basic crash avoidance
techniques, and to be vigilant for the mistakes of others!

We strongly urge everyone who drives to pay careful attention - mistakes
with cars kill far too many Americans every day. Roads are for bicycling
too, not only for motor vehicle use!

Supporters of the SDCBC are fighting to improve conditions for bicycling,
but everyone using San Diego roadways benefits from safer conditions. Zero
deaths should be a goal for all of us.

San Diego County Bicycle Coalition

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  1. We need to know what the alleged "conflicting evidence" is on Balboa. The article states: "Both the driver and the cyclist share responsibility for that death O'Hanlon said". My understanding is that the cyclist, David Ortiz, was hit from behind. How could he share responsibility for such a crash? Is there evidence he moved laterally without yielding?

    As to the Montezuma crash, the article states, "The driver moved back into the right-hand lane but overshot the lane and hit Gilbreth in the bike lane." And yet: "There was no evidence of gross negligence either, said Police Lieutenant Rick O'Hanlon."

    How is overshooting a traffic lane to drive into an occupied bike lane NOT gross negligence? I presume there was no intent, but you have to be extremely careless and irresponsible on several levels to do something like that.