Tuesday, May 7, 2013

South Park Businesses Next on Bike Local Sunday Tour

Ride South Park, head to CicloSDias Mini in Balboa Park on May 19th

SDCBC just announced South Park as the next Bike Local Sunday event, in conjunction with the City’s first CicloSDias Mini in Balboa Park. The Bicycle Coalition encourages folks to ride bikes to local businesses and support neighborhood economies.

Bike Local Sundays rolls into South Park on May 19, with free bike valet parking and 15 percent discounts at Alchemy restaurant and Progress boutique for those who ride bikes.

“Our next stop on the Bike Local Sundays tour is special because it coincides with the City’s first CicloSDias Mini in Balboa Park,” said Andy Hanshaw, executive director of the County Bicycle Coalition. “South Park’s bike friendly businesses welcome everyday cyclists and their families to ride into the neighborhood then head over to Marston Point in Balboa Park for CicloSDias Mini.”

In partnership with the San Diego Business Improvement District Council, Bike Local Sundays are for everyone to enjoy, whether their style is spandex and clip-in shoes, board shorts and flip flops or skinny jeans and heels, the events are for all to participate in everyday cycling in San Diego.

Participating in Bike Local Sundays could even translate into discounts with local businesses and vendors.
“South Park’s Alchemy restaurant and Progress boutique are kind enough to offer 15% off purchases to community members participating in Bike Local Sunday on May 19,” said Tiffany Bromfield, CEO of the Business Improvement District Council. “We’re excited these bike friendly businesses are showing their support for everyday cycling in San Diego.”

Marsha Smelkinson of the South Park Business Group added that the participating businesses are pleased that bicyclists are actively supporting their local neighborhood economies.

"The businesses of South Park are happy to host Bike Local Sunday on May 19,” said Smelkinson. “In addition to the Alchemy and Progress discounts, cyclists can expect a warm welcome along with specials and discounts at many other shops and eateries in our neighborhood."

Bike Local Sundays started with a goal to get more people riding bikes to support business in San Diego. Trends show that more people riding bikes versus driving improves community health, air quality and traffic congestion, as well as boosts business by relieving residents of the costs of owning and operating a vehicle, transferring those savings to the local economy.

CicloSDias Mini in Balboa Park will open the streets near Marston Point for pedestrians and cyclists to enjoy a walk or ride car-free. CicloSDias Minis are scheduled with Bike Local Sundays in May, June and July, ahead of CicloSDias on August 11. 

Visit the Bike Local Sunday South Park map for information on a route from South Park to CicloSDia Mini. http://goo.gl/maps/Beu2D               

The Bike Local Sundays schedule is:
·    May 19, 2013 - South Park in conjunction with the Balboa Park Mini-CicloSDias
·    June 16, 2013 - Mission Hills in conjunction with Presidio Park Mini-CicloSDias
·    July 21 –Golden Hill in conjunction with Golden Hill Mini-CicloSDias
·    August 11, 2013 – San Diego CicloSDias
·    August 25, 2013 - Bike the Bay
·    Sept 22 – Pacific Beach
·    October 20 – Ocean Beach


  1. Would be really nice if some times for the event were listed....

  2. Hi Thomas,

    Discounts are available all day at Bike Local Sundays events at the locations mentioned. There are no times listed because it isn't meant to be an organized ride, though there is a group that will hold a ride through the business district on certain bike local sundays.

    For the Bike Local Sunday in South Park, we provided a suggested route that anyone can use riding in South Park that day.

    The CicloSDias mini street closure is happening from 10-4 and details on that can be found at www.ciclosdias.com.

    Let us know if you have any other questions! Thank you,