Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Thanks for your support!

By Nicole Burgess, SDCBC Member and Bicycle Advocate

I want to take a moment to send a big thanks to SDCBC for acknowledging and supporting my advocacy.
It was a nice honor to be recognized for my efforts and to be financially supported to attend the Washington DC National Bike Summit.  It was an inspiring week.

As momentum stirs around the nation for better bike infrastructure and more livable streets, I hope the City of San Diego is able to find and hire a knowledgeable and innovative traffic engineer that can truly create the facilities needed to create a safe and enjoyable riding environment for everyone here in San Diego.  That is one of the challenges.

To unite as cyclists and be able to provide great facilities across San Diego County all the way up the coast to San Francisco and beyond is another obtainable challenge.

As spring has come and we welcome the sunshine and many hours to ride, I hope more San Diegans will give it a try.

A quote best sums it "Some people will never understand how great biking really is." (First by Bob Gross and then again by Stephan Vance)

We all need to take action and protect our environments.   Biking is an answer for so many local and national issues. For most readers, you already are doing this.  Being on your bike is our best advocacy.  Keep Riding!

For those of you who are new to riding - I hope you will give it a try!   Enjoy your commute as part of a healthy living choice - Challenge yourself to bike as many miles as you drive in a month by commuting locally on a bike.  If you work far away, maybe it's time to move or change jobs.   Or possibly, learn to use transit and become multimodal.  Finally, enjoy the fact that you are making a difference for the health of yourself and your world. Thank you again to all of you that ride rather than drive.   I'm sure you would agree that it's often the best part of the day!

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