Friday, June 7, 2013

Bike Friendly Business Spotlight- Snooze

We just wanted to share a great example of bike-friendly business:

One of the pit stop locations on Bike to Work Day was at Snooze AM Eatery in Hillcrest. The lucky cyclists who rode by Snooze that Friday were treated with Noosa yogurt parfaits with Snooze's house made granola while picking up their Bike to Work swag. While we love Snooze for continuing to host delicious pit stops, we really love them how their business embraces bicycling.

Employees at all six Snooze locations (one in our County) participated in Bike to Work Day- and even had a friendly competition between stores. They had 3 Snooze vs. Snooze competitions to see which stores could reduce single occupancy driving miles the most. Great news from Robert Butterfield of Hillcrest Snooze- "I'm proud to say that our Hillcrest store had more biking miles, and fewer driving miles, than our VERY bike friendly brethren in the downtown Denver store!! We're winning!"

We are happy to hear it Robert! Friendly competition is a great way to encourage employees to bike more. What if more businesses operated this way? 

Show Snooze some love by stopping by on your bike for breakfast. Park your bike in one of the first bike parking corrals installed in San Diego- located nearby, eat your heart out and ride off the food coma when you're done! 

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