Friday, June 7, 2013

BLAH & Tiger!Tiger! Raise Money for SDCBC

Our friends at Blind Lady Ale House and Tiger!Tiger! once again held a fundraiser for SDCBC during Bike Month, this time by raffling off two brand new Linus bikes. Tickets were sold all month along, with proceeds to be donated to SDCBC. Read one of the winner's story below:

Winner of the BLAH Bike, Jonah
"I was in my kitchen making myself dinner actually wishing that I had money to go to blind lady and get a pizza when I got the call. I was extremely excited when I found out I was practically jumping around. I wasn't really expecting to win and when I got the call it blew my mind.

My only other bike is a beach cruiser. I wanted this one because I had been looking for a new one to take with me when I go to school up in Oregon. My beach cruiser is old and wouldn't last a semester in all the rain that they get up in Oregon.

I usually ride to either get from place to place or to get my dogs some really good exercise without having to run myself or drive to a dog park. 

All I'd really like to add is a big thank you to you guys for the bike. You just took a very big ticket item off of my packing list for school :)"

- Jonah

Tiger!Tiger! Bike Winner

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