Saturday, May 3, 2014

Bicycle Commuting Assistance

We understand that not everyone will be devout bicycle commuters, but we hope these excuses listed below are not holding you. . . your friends. . .or your loved ones back.


  1. How about, "I'll look silly"? How people think of us based on our "look"/clothing matters. Dressing for the occasion, in this case for bicycling, can look right when the apparel choices fit the activity; tights and bright bicycling jerseys may be "right" for club rides and all out fitness rides, but certainly aren't necessary for a ride to the close-by grocery store. Use a bike (everyone should have as many bikes as they have pairs of shoes) and wear the garb that fits the ride and your own style.
    I don't ride wearing heels or a dress, but you might - and look great too!

  2. Great point! I will do a revision of this in the future. thanks!