Monday, February 18, 2013

Member Spotlight: Debbie Chaddock

Reasons I Cycle:

Inexpensive Transportation: 
I live where almost everything I need is within walking and cycling distance (half mile to 3 miles).  
When I don't telecommute, I usually cycle to work (depending on project/assignment, 7-14 miles each way).  
My hybrid is equipped with fenders and I have rain gear, so weather rarely prevents me from riding.  
My spouse and I share one economy car between us, and it usually takes 2-3 weeks to go through a tank of gas.

Healthful, Inexpensive Recreation:  
I usually do a long-ish pleasure ride on the weekend (35-75 miles), on my own or with a group.  
On a good week, I squeeze in a midweek pleasure ride (25-30 miles).

I occasionally participate in organized centuries and other rides.

Defiant Age Denial:

I used to run competitively, and cycling is part of my cross-training lifestyle that allows me to maintain the level of fitness I desire as I get older. 

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