Monday, February 4, 2013

Member Spotlight: Tracey McNeel

"The days of my childhood bicycling carried over eventually to also my adulthood. There is a web page which lists, as for starters, the 60+ reasons why biking is good for a person. After the days of my childhood, I started again at the age of 17 into Mountain Biking. I was inspired by the late night TV showings I used to watch of Mountain bikers- I had to try it!. Though my years of  this type of personally chosen physical activity have also given me my share amount of bruises, scabs, and scars, Mountain biking (as also being only one small part of the cycling world) IMO, is the most exhilarating and challenging both mentally and physically for a physical activity. 

Eventually, I also, progressed into Road Cycling. It is known how Sagittarians not only love Nature, full of never ending innovations to other creativity, but also love to travel. Having to be on a tight and restrictive budget for the majority of my life, road cycling was another way for me to TRAVEL, stop and smell the roses, take some really awesome photographs, get out, get some really good air, exercise my limbs, lungs, and keep the blood flowing through my body for practically no cost at all.  At current age 46, I  have over the past two years, also added several other types of physical activities besides my cycling. I cannot even fathom why so many people hate to not only not exercise, but bike, as biking similar to swimming is one of the safer activities toward the wear and tear of one's body when exercising; the key to limiting injuries? The bike fit for your specific body dimensions as well as properly instructed guidance as a cyclist. Though I still can hear many car drivers, etc, even if I am too, obeying the rules of the roads; signs, signaling when turning, to all the rest of legalities that apply to a road cyclist; 

Those who believe cyclists do not belong on the road, I question these persons, then why are you as being in a  much bigger and in an enclosed metal box, are still having  such bad car crashes? I personally think the hatred statements that of "Cyclists have no rights being on the road" should more so be said and applied to all those who heavily rely on driving their fancy metal boxes which also has very big expenses, in a message that screams; Cars and lousy Car drivers don't belong or should have rights on the road. Do I need further explain Why do I bike? Biking has always been one of my passions which I am in no way willing to give up because of anyone else's jealousy or envy to even imply that cyclist have no rights on the road or anywhere else."

Tracey L.McNeel
Avid Creative and Innovative Cyclist and Mountain Biker
of San Diego County.

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